The Project
An immersive PFP, Music and lore driven
NFT collection on the Cardano blockchain.
A group of time-traveling heroes who hails
from the distant future. In their own time, music and art has become a vital source of hope and inspiration, and they are determined to do whatever it takes
to protect and preserve it.

The Art

Unique and realistic AI generated art. 
Prompted and curated to best represent the NeoRangers' desired look, ranks and traits. 

The Mission

The NeoRangers and their universe was created to
share an ambitious vision involving music and art, to connect a community eager to get immersed in a lore rich futuristic universe and to create a thriving community experience.
Together we are venturing on missions to recover lost and stolen artifacts and art pieces.
"Protect and Preserve"

Official Spotify Playlist

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