The NeoRanger HQ

A sprawling complex located in the heart of Synth City. It is a hub of activity, where the NeoRangers come together to plan and coordinate their missions. The building is divided into several distinct areas, each designed to meet the needs of the NeoRanger.

Recruiting and training facilities. Here, new recruits and more experienced NeoRangers are put through their paces, learning the skills and techniques they will need to succeed. The training facilities include a range of state-of-the-art simulators and practice ranges.

Research and development. It is here that the NeoRangers' scientists and engineers work to create new technologies and gadgets that can help them in their missions. The R&D is home to a range of advanced equipment and facilities, including an Eternion Fabricator, prototyping labs, and testing chambers.

Command center. Where the Commanders and Elites work to coordinate and oversee the organization's operations. It's equipped with a range of advanced communications and monitoring systems, allowing the NeoRangers to stay connected and informed at all times.

Living quarters. Each NeoRanger is assigned their own private room, complete with all the amenities they need to relax and recharge between missions. The living quarters are also home to a range of recreational facilities.

Armory. It is here that the organization stores its arsenal of weapons and gadgets, including Harmonic Blasters, Temporal Transporters, and CosmoBridges. The armory is also home to a range of repair and maintenance facilities, allowing the NeoRangers to keep their equipment and transports in top condition.

The Chrono-Vault

The "Chrono-Vault" is a advanced and secure storage facility located within the NeoRangers' HQ. It is specifically designed to hold and protect a variety of valuable and rare artifacts that the NeoRangers have collected throughout their missions in time and space. The vault is equipped with a variety of advanced security measures, including holographic scanners, biometric locks, and temporal shields, which help to prevent unauthorized access or tampering. It is also equipped with a variety of climate control and preservation systems, which help to maintain the optimal temperature, humidity, and other environmental conditions for the artifacts within.

Inside the vault, you can find carefully catalogued and arranged various artifacts according to their historical value, cultural significance, and other factors. Some of the notable artifacts currently within the vault include:

The "Sonic Sculpture".

A unique and beautifully crafted sculpture made of pure sound waves. It is believed to have been created by an advanced alien civilization, and is said to have the power to manipulate the emotions and thoughts of those who hear it. The NeoRangers discovered the Sonic Sculpture on a distant planet, and are carefully studying its effects and potential uses.

The "Temporal Tome".
An ancient book filled with knowledge and secrets about the nature of time itself. It is believed to have been written by a group of time-traveling sages, and contain information about the
past, present, and future. The tome was recovered from a hidden time-library on a distant moon by Jumpers, and the NeoRangers are carefully studying its contents in order to gain a deeper understanding of the timestream.

The "Starlight Symphony".
This is a rare and beautiful musical composition that is said to have the power to bring endless hope and inspiration to those who hear it. It is believed to have been composed by a group of divine beings, and to have the power to transcend time and space. It was recovered from a lost temple on a distant planet.

Overall, the vault is an invaluable resource for the NeoRangers, as it is a testament to their commitment, and an integral part of their mission to protect and preserve music and art in the galaxy. 

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