Quantum Credits

"In the year 2120, a group of entrepreneurs and economic experts from various industries on Nexus, now known as the Quantum Economic Council (QEC), came together to address the issues of inflation and instability in the global economy. They believed that a new, decentralized currency was necessary to promote stability and fairness.
After years of research and development, they created the Quantum Credits, a digital currency that utilizes blockchain technology to ensure transparency and security. The Quantum Credits quickly gained popularity and was widely adopted as a reliable and stable currency, becoming the standard of exchange in most transactions within the world. Now, the QEC continues to monitor the currency, while also promoting its use and adoption."

The Quantum Portal


The Nexus Bazaar



    Allocation is split between Staking, Mission and the Treasury. It's set to have
a sustainable distribution of the token reaching full circulation in 10 years, depending on the amount of NFTs staked. The Treasury will serve the project with tokens for airdrops, collaborations, various rewards etc.

$QC is earned by participating in missions and by staking in the Quantum Portal. The total supply of $QC is 50 000 000.
Every NeoRanger NFT can be staked in the Quantum Portal to earn tokens. Rewards earned by Rangers are fixed and based on the ranks. Other NFTs in the ecosystem like gadgets, Initiation Passes, Vault items etc. have smaller rewards. Earned $QC can be spent on various items and NFTs in the upcoming Nexus Bazaar.

$QC is a fictional currency in the NeoRanger universe with no real world value what so ever and no future promise of it by the project.

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