The Technology

The technology in the universe is built on temporal and dimensional energy. Each fit for their own use cases. The Nexus Institute of Technology(NIT) is a key partner in developing and deploying the technology and they are integral to the NeoRangers success.

Temporal Energy

Generated by manipulating time itself. This energy is used as a power source for time travel, allowing the NeoRangers to travel through time and space to reach different eras. It's also used for advanced propulsion systems that enables vehicles and spacecrafts to navigate through the fabric of time itself. It's also a power source for a variety of other advanced technologies, such as time-based communication systems like the Chronolink and temporal shields.

Multidimensional Energy

Generated by manipulating extra-dimensional space. It's used as a power source for interdimensional travel, enabling the NeoRangers to travel between different dimensions and universes with their Cosmobridge.  It's also used to power advanced propulsion systems, allowing vehicles and spacecraft to navigate through extra-dimensional space and to access alternate realities.

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