Titan was born and raised in Cyber City, a bustling metropolis on the other side of Nexus. Despite its advanced technology, Cyber City struggled to maintain its culture, as more and more of its citizens were drawn towards the conveniences and distractions of modern life. Growing up, he was always drawn to the arts, especially music.
He was a talented musician himself, and found calm in the melodies and rhythms that surrounded him. But as he got older, he noticed a decline in the people's appreciation for the arts. They were losing touch with their cultural roots, with the things that give life meaning.
Titan decided to join the NeoRangers, attracted to their mission and their ideals, and saw them as a way to make a difference. He underwent rigorous training and honed his skills, and now as an Elite, Titan travels through time and space where he defends the arts and inspire people to appreciate and protect their cultural heritage. 

Phoenix & Eclipse

Phoenix and Eclipse, siblings born and raised in Synth City, were always fascinated by technology and its potential for creating art. They both enrolled in the Nexus Institute of Technology, where they studied holographic painting, augmented reality, and advanced interface design. During their studies, they excelled in these areas, becoming experts in their field. Their talents didn't go unnoticed and the NeoRangers, always in need of talented individuals with a strong understanding of technology, took notice of Phoenix and Eclipse and they were soon recruited. During their time as recruits, they trained under the Commanders, learning the skills they would need to become Operators, and before long, they were promoted. Now, as a part of the NeoRangers, they continue to use their skills to bring hope and inspiration to others.

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