Main Collection

There are 400 NFTs in the main collection, split into 4 ranks. Each rank has different colors, traits and skills.

Mint TBA


QTY 224
7 Colors
4 Traits
5 Skills


QTY 112
7 Colors
2 Traits
6 Skills


QTY 48
6 Colors
1 Traits
6 Skills


QTY 16
1 Colors
1 Traits
6 Skills

The Ranks

The newest members of the NeoRangers, often recruited
through tryouts or recommendations from existing Rangers.
They are given the opportunity to learn skills and techniques that are necessary in the initial phase as a Ranger. Including training as Hacker, Infiltrator, Survivalist, Runner and Medic they are expected to undergo various forms of physical and mental conditioning to prepare them for the challenges they will face as Rangers. Can participate in missions, but are not yet fully trusted to make important decisions on their own. 

Experienced members of the NeoRangers who have proven themselves through their training and performance in missions. Specialized in operating various gadgets, vehicles and equipment with skills like Runner, Navigator, Vehicle Operator, Survivalist, Jumper and Hacker . They are given more responsebility and autonomy in their assignments and the opportunity to lead small teams, or take on more complex missions on their own through time and space.

Team leaders of the NeoRangers. Responsible for leading, planning and executing missions. Expected to be expert strategists and leaders, and to have a deep understanding of the Rangers' mission and goals. They have access to advanced training and resources and are trained as Strategist, Jumper, Vehicle Operator, Navigator, Historian and Hacker. They are expected to be role models for the rest of the Rangers and are deeply committed to the cause of protecting and preserving music and art for future generations.

The most highly trained and skilled of the NeoRangers, who have earned their place through years of dedication and excellence. They are selected from the ranks of the Operators and Commanders based on their exceptional abilities and achievements, and they are given the highest level of training and resources available to the Rangers. They possess skills like Strategist, Navigator, Jumper, Survivalist, Historian, Hacker.
They are responsible for leading the organization as a whole, as well as make tough decisions that will shape the future of the NeoRangers.  

The Skills


Navigates and orient themselves in unfamiliar environments and use speed and agility to avoid obstacles and hazards. They are able to endure extended field operations, scout out enemy positions, gather intelligence, or to deliver messages or supplies to other team members.


Inflitrates Computer systems or electronic devices in order to gather intelligence or disrupt enemy operations. They are skilled in a variety of hacking techniques, including computer programming, network security and cryptography.


Goes undercover and sneaks into enemy strongholds or secure locations. They are skilled in infiltration and are able to move quietly and unobtrusively in order to avoid detection.


Encounters injuries and medical emergencies during missions, and are trained in basic first aid in order to provide necessary care. This includes knowledge of how to treat wounds, perform CPR, and other life-saving measures.


Navigates unfamiliar or dangerous environments in order to complete missions. Skilled in a variety of navigation techniques, including the use of holomaps, a galactic compass and other tools.

Vehicle Operator

Operates a variety of vehicles in order to complete their missions, including personal transporters, freighters, and shuttles. They are trained in vehicle operation and are able to handle different types of vehicles with confidence and competence.


Able to survive in a variety of challenging environments. They are skilled in survival techniques, including finding shelter, procuring food and water, and find their way in extreme conditions.


Develops and executes strategic plans in order to complete missions successfully. Experienced in strategic planning, including the ability to identify goals, assess risks and opportunities, and develop actionable plans.. 


Understands the history of music in order to preserve the different styles and genres. They are knowledgeable about the evolution of music over time, including the influences and contributions of different cultures and historical periods.


Uses the temporal transporter to travel through time and space to specific locations or era's. Requires a deep understanding of the rules and principles of time travel and is able to navigate the complexities of the time-space continuum with precision and accuracy.

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